Friday, August 09, 2013

A very quick post for today since I need to review for my exams this coming week. I got this tutu-like skirt last Supersale Bazaar and its on sale so why not grab it hahah. It's not actually tutu but when I look at it, it's baloon-like shape makes it look a real tutu skirt! Do you agree? Then I just paired it with a long-sleeves checkered top that I borrowed from my sister. She's a hoarder of long sleeves!! Hahahha.
PS: Sorry for being pale-faced. :( I'll try to put some color on my face next time.
(top borrowed from my sister, tutu-like skirt from Bazaar, t-strap flats from Forever 21) 

Okay, I'll finish my post by sharing to you what happened to me this week, I got an invite and I won't tell what it is, who invited me, etc. Secret for now hahah! Can someone guess what it is? Don't worry cause I'll tell it soon!!! I'm very happy about it and also thankful! Comments are always welcome! Wish me luck on my exams! Have a nice day loves! :) 

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