Saturday, December 27, 2014

(top, skirt, and chunky heels, all from Forever 21)

Christmas just passed but hey, all of us is still on a holiday hangover! Maybe some of us are still opening gifts, giving gifts, and having some moment with the family and friends. But before all those festivities, make sure we don't forget to greet the good Man above and give thanks for all the love and blessings he had given to us. 
Before this season ends, I won't just hang up my holiday looks so here's the first one! I've gone for an all black ensemble. It's a bit weird because for every Christmas, red and white are the colors we could see but not for me. I can confirm that black is the new hue of all time. Don't you agree? I'm sure those baesic people will agree! Haha. Then I added a touch of Christmas vibes with my white chunky heels, and the sparkling beads on my top.
What do you think?

Happy Holidays! <3

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