Unkiss Me

Sunday, March 08, 2015

HM dress, Mango blazer, F21 sandals

Do you know the feeling of being obsessed with a particular piece? That you don't want to let go? Well, I'm feeling it right now in Maroon 5's V album; maybe it's because I will be able to watch them live on September!!! The first ever concert that I will experience (seriously!). Will I see you there?
Anyways, my exams was already over and copping up with my backlogs. As usual, maintaining my love for monochrome. And I'm a newspaper! Haha kidding! I just love how fashion can make things look in a classy way. Then to make it more classy, blazer xx coat is the best match. Keeping my everyday look minimal and calm.


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  1. Excited to see your summer outfits!! ��

    1. Crossing my fingers that I can have my summer vacayy! :)