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Sunday, December 27, 2015

First things first, Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year! I hope all of you had fun with your families this holiday season. On my part, we did have fun but we're incomplete because my sister's been in Australia for almost a year but good news, she's going home this end of the year! Literally, on 31st of December and I can't wait to celebrate the new year's eve complete! You're welcome to see how my family and I celebrate via snapchat! Add me @caitlinnroxette
So basically, this post is a summary of my 2015. To be honest, this year wasn't my year. I experienced a tons of hardships, stress, agony, inactiveness on my passion and even heartbreak but maybe it's all part of God's plan. Maybe I should feel this to learn and yes, I've learned so many things this year that I'm very thankful for. I learned to be strong, to work on things I should have in order to overcome problems. The fact that I'm ready to leave all of these negativism in this year and enter a new year with positive vibes is already a big improvement. 
In addition, 2016 will be my graduating year and I do hope I can make my parents dream come true. I wish that 2016 will be favorable for me and crossing my fingers that this will be my year, I hope. 
To end my 2015 post, just want to take all of you who keeps on reading my blog, even those first time readers (hope you'll read it on a second, third, fourth, time hihi!). I also want to apologize for being inactive for so long but I assure you that I'll keep on trying to update this site every free time I got.
Thanks and Love for all you guys!

cotton on coat, @rhipesbackyard denim skirt, call it spring sneakers

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