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Thursday, April 04, 2013

A backlog! I'll ask you something, are you having a problem when no one would took photos of you? I'll answer about that, YES! Me, I always have this problem but worry no more, we can do it on our own by just using a camera, tripod, and something to focus on! Here's a few steps on how to make such adorable photos of your own.

See the luggage bag on the left side? Hahahah that thing was used as the one that will be focused on. 
Okay the steps are: 
1. Set your camera to the tripod (it will depend on you if you want it portrait or landscape).
2. Use manual focus on your camera.
3. Place the luggage (or anything you want as the focus) where will you stand. 
4. Focus the camera to the luggage then set your camera to self-timer. 
5. Click the camera to start the timer then immediately stand on the place of the luggage and set aside the luggage. 
I do it fast because sometimes the timer wasn't enough for me to prepare. Easy right? If you really want to have it, you'll do anything! I prefer to have a remote so that less hassle but I really don't know where to buy.

(lace top and floral skirt (cotton on) from Blogger's United, necklace from Forever21 ph, belt from Bazaar)
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That's all for today! Happy Thursday Everyone! 
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