What's been up on my Instagram: March

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Here's a summary of what's been up on my instagram account on the month of March! :)

1st photo: #ootd on my way to Supersale Bazaar, 2nd photo: my bazaar finds held at the World Trade Center, 3rd photo: my face during hell week at school, 4th photo: "bukid girl" hihi a teaser of my outfit.

1st photo: Picture with my blockmates!, 2nd photo: me greeting everyone a refreshing happy sunday, 3rd photo: a new black tweed skirt and jack daniel's top from online shops, 4th photo: loving the studs on my mom's bag

1st photo: old photos with my high school friends I found on my wallet, 2nd photo: Get together during the last day of school with my blockmates at SM North, 3rd photo: with my sister, me wearing JD top from rhipe's backyard, 4th photo: my cravings for mcdo fries and mcnuggets satisfied!

1st photo: boredom strikes! me soo vain hahah, 2nd photo: Meowwyy trying the new app I have, 3rd photo: ebooks that I will be reading this summer, 4th photo: loving my curls for my cousin's debut.

1st photo: photos we got from my cousin's debut, 2nd photo: me after the procession last Holy Wednesday, 3rd photo: Post-celeb of my mom's birthday at Shakey's Pampanga, 4th photo: Dad's gift to Mom.
That's all for today folks! <333
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