The Damsel Tulip

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hello! I welcome you to my new blog! I moved to Blogspot and still I'm using my previous blog but it will only contain my inspirations. Mostly reblogs. :) It's been a long time since I blog because after my exams, I took the time to rest and focus on Holy Week. I miss blogging! 

Here, I have new blog title which is The damsel tulip. And also I have new sidebar and links for which we can be intact. This blog will only contains the clothes I will wear, my ideas about fashion, my inspirations about styles, monthly summary of the photos I have on my instagram account, and some other matters regarding fashion! All about fashion <333 I'm new here so I'm still adjusting myself on the settings of Blogspot, and I'm still editing the design of my blog. I hope I can have new friends here and I hope too this would be the start of my continuously blog posts!
By the way, I have several backlogs! Yey for me cause more blog posts! Hihihi. I'm currently loving the black hues because of its elegance, classy, and can be styled easily. This dress was a gift from my bagets and very fashionable auntie, Tita Tess! We always love talking about styles and the latest trend!
(Mango dress, House of Heirloom  accessories, Black studded shoes from a Thrift shop)

End of today's post! I hope you like my first post! And I will surely love if you give me some feedbacks! Don't forget to click the links below for us to be always connected! Time to sleep, Goodnight! <333

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