Something happened and it's not GOOD

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I wanna say my deepest sorry for not updating for a week. I always say that I'll update then this happened. I'm really sorry. There's been a problem with my laptop so I didn't have the chance to post about my 2-day trip at Subic. I thought it was just our internet connection who has the problem but its my laptop.

With the use of Blogger app on my Ipad, I already got to catch up with my blog. Please do bear with my situation. I don't know when will my laptop be used. But I will still post outfits in the future. Please still visit my blog for my previous posts. I'm very sad this thing happened. I really miss posting. :( i promise when my laptop will be fixed, i'll post my trip and my backlog outfits!

How are you? I hope you miss me ;) hihihi
Here's a picture of me during our Subic trip! Ohhh I really want to post the whole outfit!!! I'll try to post it with the use of my Ipad. So plase stay tune! <333

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