Blogger's United 5

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Yesterday, Blogger's United 5 happened at SMX and it was a blast! I wanna congratulate the bloggers behind BU5, job well done! :)

This is what I wore yesterday to BU5. It took me hours to mix and match clothes and that time, the only thing I'm sure of wearing was the denim vest my dad cut for me, and the floral sneakers that were so so awesome! I didn't expect that my top and skirt matched for each other. It looks like a dress in two-tone! I remember one of Kryz Uy's outfit that looks like this and it's not a dress also. I hope you remember that look.
I wanna thank my dad for cutting my denim jacket into a vest! :)))) I matched this denim vest to make my outfit have a trendy vibes! 

Do you love my kicks as much as I love it????? It's exceptional because having a floral print on sneakers are one of a kind. It's a mix of girly and hipster style!
Sorry for making a pale face again. We took these photos after the event so I was so exhausted that time! Hahah. But still I really enjoyed that day cause I met all my fave bloggers and got to have new clothes that were very affordable! I'm going to blog about the event soon! 
Now, I'm preparing for school cause it will start on Tuesday. So sad but it doesn't mean that this blog will not exist anymore. I promise to update this blog so please do still visit my blog. <333  

(Bazaar top, DIY denim vest by my Dad, skirt from Style Bandage, floral sneakers from Forever21)
Lastly, I wanna share to all of you that I was featured at's style files!!!!!!! I feel so lucky to be chosen!!! When I knew about it, I was so surprised and post it in my IG right away!! I feel so blessed! Dreams do come true!! <3 Please spare some time to visit it to know how I started to like dressing up and styling myself. Go to and search style files. Thank you Candy mag! I'm going to blog about this also soon! Promise!

Comments are always welcome! Hope you like my BU5 outfit! :) 
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