Sunday, September 08, 2013

It's been a long time again since I blog. And it's good to be back! I wore this dress last Bazaar for all Seasons happened at Elements Tent, Centris. It was my first time to visit there and I enjoyed it. The venue was small but I still got unique finds from the stores. I got a cat sweater!! I've been looking for that since last month and I'm happy I found one!!

I heard a tons of compliments from my dress, maybe because of the unique design of my dress which was the holes. Showing off some skin! And maybe because my dress was really good on me! Hahah. Well, whatever the reason was I still accepted with a big smile all compliments I got because that shows some people appreciate you and I think you must appreciate their compliments back.

Again, I used my fave fave fave bag from Fashion Cravings. I just love the print and it looks small but I can store in this bag all my necessities! Cool huh? <333
Please don't get mad at me for having soo much photos in this post. I just missed shooting with my dad. Have a nice week ahead and don't forget this special day and greet Mother Mary a Happy Birthday by attending mass and offering a prayer.

 (dress from Bazaar xx Runway Dreams, necklace from Forever 21, watch from Bazaar, bag from Fashion Cravings, flats from People are People) 
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