Sunday, October 13, 2013

I miss you. The first three words I need to say.
It's been so busy lately because of school works and I cannot anymore catch up with my blog. But then, our finals were over and now is the start of my sembreak! :)) 

This is my outfit today. Literally! It's my first time to blog an outfit on the actually day I wear it. That's how I really miss blogging. I got this dress last year and I only have this day to shoot it with none other than my dad! His really my greatest supporter when it comes to blog matters and I'm so lucky to have a dad like him. Irreplaceable. I love you Dad <3 

One advantage of this dress is that it makes look your legs longer which is what I really want!! And btw, I have a new hairstyle. I have bangs but I don't think it worked on me well. Is my new hairstyle okay? Do I look mature or young? Comments are welcome!
End of today's post! Watch out for more posts this month! And please don't get tired of visiting and reading my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

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