When I'm nerd

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It took me a day to think of something I'll blog until I thought of talking about the times when I'm nerd. Hope you like it! 1. School- I'm nerd at school, most of the time. When it comes to academic matters, I always give my best because I want to repay my parents for what they do to me by giving my best effort when it comes to studies.

2. Friends- I'm going nerd to my friends when we have our group review. We share what we know to each other and when someone doesn't understand the lesson, we help each other. Group review is very helpful so I recommend you to have that with your friends!

3. Blog- I'm nerd when I blog. In every post I have, I make sure that I say something meaningful and not just nonesense. I want my readers to remember something on my posts. So before I publish my post, I always take my time to think of my topic.

(denim vest from Guess, dress and shoes from bazaar, bag from Fashion Cravings ig account: @fashioncravingsofficial)

Please bear with me because my photos are blurred. My dad had a hard time taking it because we shoot it past six so it's getting dark that time.
Yesterday was the start of Superb! Did you already visit? If not, you may still have the chance to be there cause they will be open until sunday from 11am-10pm at SMX Hall 4! Catch fashion cravings there! They have a lot of items in store for you even the bag I'm wearing in this post is also available! I'll be there on sunday. See you! <3

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