Saturday, January 04, 2014

(BU6 dress, Forever 21 boots)

Hello there. It's the fourth day of January and I only got to blog this time because I was unfortunate to feel sick the first three days of the year. But I'm happy now and thankful that I'm already well and can enjoy the few days of my vacation before school starts. Talking about my first outfit this year, having this dress was a lucky day for me because I love love love the print of it and it suits me well! Then I got to flaunt my new boots! I wanna cry when I got this boots from F21 because I've been yearning for so long to have this kind of shoes and at last I got it using my own money! Ohhhh that feels good to buy something for yourself but it's more good feeling if you buy something also for someone else like your loved ones. 
What do you think of my first look?

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