Being short

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Since I started blogging, I'm always having a hard time shooting outfits because I look short. I always dream of being tall.
 Reading several blogs on how to take pictures and the thing I learn about it is to place your camera lower like a kid's line of sight for you to look tall. I always did it on my shoot. Another burden of being short is pants. My pants are always too long for me! But not a problem, folding pants is the best solution or if it's okay with you, cut it on your preferred height. To wear heels is also a fashion-saver for us, small ones. Everyone knows that heels makes you look tall and sexy yet most of the time I wear flats to feel comfortable. It's your choice if you want heels or flats as long as it's your own style and trying out things you rarely do is good and not boring. However, even if I didn't got my dream height, I'm contented with my height because it's what God gave me and I should be happy and be thankful about it.

Now about my look, I forgot to fold my pants! Please don't be like me on always forgetting. My ensemble covers most of my skin and Baguio is the only place in the Philippines (and Tagaytay) that makes it acceptable to wear. If I'll try to wear it in Manila, good luck for me! I will absolutely sweat really bad!! Haha! Yup, I had a 2-day Baguio trip with my family and I'm blogging a photo diary about it soon!

Lastly, I always travel with a small bag to accompany me with my personal needs. And this glittered bag is the best! It's not new to tell that I got it from Fashion Cravings (my fave fave online bag store) but they have a lot lot of NEW designs of bag so you must see it for yourself at their ig account- @fashioncravingsofficial

(top from @perfectfitshop_ph, plaid pants from BU6, glittered bag from @fashioncravingsofficial, black boots from Forever 21, flash aviators from @route17ph)

What do you think of my look? Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
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