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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Another look from our Baguio trip. But this one's the last. I regret that I only brought clothes for two days. Next time, I will bring lots of clothes because the place was really suitable as backgrounds during outfit shots! Plus the sunny weather which is not sweaty at all unlike in my hometown, I'm just standing then I become sticky with sweat haha!

My style for this one is very much different from my first Baguio outfit. The previous one was casual style unlike this one, I was into a petite style partnered with girly and boho. I was into a lovestruck when I saw this bohemian top at F21 but I didn't decide to bought it right away because it's a crop top! Honestly blogging here, I'm not into that kind of tops because I feel my tummy has big belly (which is actually true haha) but still I ended up buying it. Well, my reason is to try something unusual on me. I just can't stick with clothes that I like since I started dressing-up. It would be boring. So now, I'm accepting the world of crop tops to have something new and also to inspire myself in working out and proper diet so that I will have sexy tummy haha! I paired my top with a black skirt. I actually don't know the term for this skirt, however, I love the way that I can match it with everything.

My best buddies when I travel; bag and boots! Those two things always kept me comfortable and complete!

(crop top and nude boots from Forever 21, black skirt from ig- @stylestunnermanila, brown macaroon bag from ig- @fashioncravingsofficial, beaded bracelet and necklace from Mango)

What do you think of my look? Comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome! <3

End of today's post! Working on this very late because I can't sleep. Goodnight!

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