My #bu7xsunsilk outfit

Thursday, May 15, 2014

This is what I wore during the 7th installment of Blogger's United. Time flies so fast! The first BU I attended was the third and now, its on the seventh! Just to give you a brief description about BU, Blogger's United is a group of Philippines' top fashion bloggers. They held events wherein they sell pre-loved clothes, readers can interact with their favorite bloggers, having activities and games, and to catch up some time with co-bloggers. They usually have BU twice a year. I think the next BU will be on December. Will you go? See you!
All of us who attend this event expect that we should wear the best we can! As you see, the dress looks ordinary yet its cutout details makes it extraordinary. Finishing my look by a nude boots which I swear I can walk with it all day and a hat. Last BU, I also wore a hat and I might continue my tradition of wearing hat during the event. It's good to have something on your outfit that you always wear on the other outfits, meaning to say, having your trademark. I was happy that I got the chance to see again my inspirations but the most important person I want to see was Kryz Uy, my ultimate icon. I didn't see her because we already got home when she visited the event. A special thanks to Ms. Alyssa Lapid for letting me win a free pass in the event! I had a talk with her and she's so adorable and sweet!
Currently I'm into bohemian style because of its pleasing appeal and the femininity remains. I'm getting interested into cosmetics that I watch tutorial videos on everyday make-up look and I tried. Did I do my make-up well? Please answer and I will surely reply right away!

(wearing Forever 21 from head to toe except the accessories) 

What do you think of my #bu7xsunsilk outfit?
See you guys to the next installment and I hope I can make friends with you! <3

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