The dress older than me

Monday, May 12, 2014

This blog post contains a bunch of photos. Haha! My dad and my sister took photos in different backgrounds and I opted to place both in this post. Also, this outfit is special to me and I hope you will all like it! :)

The background we shoot was an amazing flower tree in our neighbor. I'm so inlove with the tree that I said to myself, I must have a shoot with it! My dress matches the background. Both of it looks vintage but actually my dress is vintage! Right, my blog title means literally, my dress is older than me! I got this dress from my grandmother. She gave it to me and said I should wear it asap. When I received it, I immediately wore it and I was so grateful that my grandma chose me to wear her dress and I promise that I will take care of this dress.

Before my sister and I had a shoot, my dad and I shoot inside our backyard and it was always nice to have this as a bonding time with him. I love him so much! This time, I wore heels with the dress. It looks more sophisticated when wearing heels and for a short girl like me, heels is a must have for the legs to look longer. One last point I want to share is that fashion is a cycle, every style appears then afterwards it will disappear and then again it will be back. Why did I say this? It's because my grandma's dress is printed. So it means that during their teen years, prints are already trendy and now in my generation, its trendy again! The only difference is the kind of cloth and how it was made. During the 1950's (the time of this dress), the cloth is thicker and it was made on a conservative manner. Then now, it was upgraded by a thinner cloth and showing some more skin. 

(my grandmother's vintage dress, BU7 flats, Tonic heels) 

End of today's long post! It had been a long time since I wrote a lengthy post like this and I feel happy because of the many things I want to share. I wish you'll allot a few minutes reading my blog. Apologies for some grammatical errors, if there is. Have a nice day loves!

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Ps. Will blog about my BU7 outfit asap. Stay tune! <3

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