Challenge Accepted

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(@clothesbuffetmanila top, Forever 21 sandals, and @fashionspicemanila choker)

Making this post short because I'm currently in my dorm, working on some student matters but I can't help my excitement to share my outfit. It's very simple, and very casual. I just thought that my mantra lately was "keep it simple and fashionable". Do you agree? I LOVE MY SHOES. The only 4 words I can think of right now haha! And additional info about this post, my friends challenged me to wear this Reese's cap and here's the result! What do you think? Lastly (haha i promise), I'll be having a two-day vacay and I'm so excited to have some chill time with my family! Hoping everyone is having a great day! <3 

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  1. You wear the same clothes over and over again and you are most certainly not a "fashion" blogger. You dress just like everyone else does.