Hashtag BU8

Monday, January 19, 2015

Forever 21 top and boots, Uniqlo skirt, @fashionspicemanila choker and flash tattoos

The longest backlog of all my posts. Apologies for writing this today since this event was last year. But as the saying goes again and again, it's better to be late than never! So my BU8 outfit was all of a vampy look, from my choice of hue up to my make-up. I really don't have an idea to match a printed top and bottom but I'm sure that its print is both plaid. I hope my outfit looks good to you! :)

Reminiscing the day I saw my inspirations, I was in beyond happiness because some of them already recognized me. Such an honor and motivation for me to continue my passion and I will always make time to see them.

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