Fashion Facts

Sunday, February 08, 2015

(Zara top, Topshop leggings, H&M boots, Sunnies Studios shades, Pandora bracelet)

Finally, I have now time to check on my social media sites, to post new outfits and to have time for myself. Several weeks were just loads of work and stress but I think it's worth it (well for me). But then, I just need to leave some matters and to stick with my priorities. I thought of this for a couple of weeks just to make this decision possible and to have no regrets in the future. 

Anyways, blanc and noir still makes my every style effortless. It's true that you can never go wrong with these hues. And I can assure you that if your a kinda-girl-that-wants-comfy-simple-yet-fab-outfit, don't just try. DO IT. 

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