Haler, Baler

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last Sunday, I had my first summer 2015 trip and I have one word to sum it up, AWESOME. We had a 5-hour drive just to see the beauty of Baler, Aurora. I must say, it is all worth it and proofs of my statement are all here.
Since the drive was long, I got bored so I always asked my mom if we're already there haha! She would always say, "Pag madami nang coconut trees, Baler na." And she was right, Baler was full of coconut trees, which are so instagrammable!

On our first stop, we visited the ancient Balete tree. You should not leave Baler without seeing the old tree which is so amazing! The roots were so big and you can climb and even get inside the tree. I wasn't able to get inside because I'm wearing a dress @stylestunnermanila gave. Thank you soo much Ms. Peny for the dress! The cloth was very comfy and the print was so in summer! Then to pair my comfy dress, I used my @girlshaven flats which is also in summer theme! Thank you Ms. Rem for giving me this! Proud to be a Girl's Haven user!

On our second and last stop for Day 1, we changed into rash-guards and board shorts. This time, I got to experience a different kind of adventure and it was so fun!! We walked into sharp, slippery stones and crossed the rivers just to see the breathtaking falls. It is called Mother Falls. We rode a tricycle on our way to the mountains and I feel like I'm in a blender because it was so shaky! Haha! Then we had a 30-minute walk which is so dangerous but very exciting. And at last, we saw how beautiful our environment is! The water from the falls was so cold! But nevertheless, we jumped and enjoyed the falls. Here are some of the pictures in the falls. 
Day 2 of our Baler trip, we visited Dicasalarin Cove. It is the best beach I got into for now!!! You wouldn't need to go to Boracay just to see the white sands because Dicasalarin have it! Also, they have the lighthouse where you can see a better view of the beach and the rock formations. Too bad, we weren't able to go to the lighthouse because of the severe heat! But I will make sure to get back and witness the sunrise at the lighthouse. If you will go to Baler, I will highly recommend you to visit Dicasalarin Cove. They have a 300 php fee but it's worth it! Wore my @stylestunnermanila boho top and @girlshaven flats. Yes, they are my favorite online shops and I swear, they have so nice pieces so follow them on instagram!

And on our last day in Baler, we woke up early to surf!!! Yay, my first ever surfing experience! I will never ever forget it! So fun even though it was a bit dangerous and I got to drink salty water haha! I don't even mind how my body hurts because the moment I was able to stood up in the board, I was like the happiest person in town! Haha! It was a very nice experience and I will really do it again soon! Thank you to @ooohlalaph for my tribal print bandeau and @thehappydreamersph for my flash tattoos.
PS: I got all my summer outfits in @vaintage.co, the first lifestyle boutique in Bulacan. They have so many brands catering different and unique finds. It is the best place to go on a shopping! It's like an everyday bazaar! No need to go to Manila cause Vaintage Concept Store made it easier for us Bulacañas! For more details of the shop, visit their IG account.

Baler was such a paradise and I want to thank my parents for bringing me there. I will definitely go back very soon! Hope you liked my travel diary! Comments are always welcome! 

 All photos taken through phone, edited in VSCO.
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