Not a waste

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Still not on my summer feels. School has been very rough for me and I'm on my way to the last week! Yes, last week but will make me a certified zombie. Anyways, I'm just thinking of finishing this last few school days then make myself a full blown beach bum. So for today, bear with my cold-feels outfits since I heard that a typhoon will hit Philippines today. Stay safe and pray everyone! 
Sometimes, I feel so lucky to be small because I can wear skirt into dress! Just like my dress here, my mom bought it for herself but too sad, she realised that it doesn't fit for her. Then to make it not a waste, I got an idea to have it as my dress since it's long enough to make it a dress and there you go! For the small girls like me, you should try this! 

Can't wait for my summer getaway next week! Stay tune through my ig account, @caitlinnroxette

(Topshop skirt but made it into a dress, Forever 21 cardigan, @uranlifeph inspired NB sneakers)

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