I can sometimes/always be MIA

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blog dormant for more or less a month and I'm sure you know my excuses. Constructing blog post, checking out clothes, taking photos, and continuous activation of my social media accounts were left out on my list. All were just fatigue and stress from all papers, concepts, and computations I need to stock in my egghead for a very short span of time. Thankfully, freedom and accomplishment of prelims saved me from this misery but only temporary. 

Why not grasp the privilege by writing a brief backlog style post now, 1:30 am; the pace in which my mind works completely. And yes, even my sleeping routine was affected. It is also the moment wherein several thoughts pops out. Apprehending myself when I was able to always attend on my dedication and how situations change instantly. By this, I associate myself to balancing and adjusting but I can't promise consistency for now. Setting priorities is mainly hard but I need it and I chose acads. What keeps me inspired is that I can still allot lean times on blogging and by finishing my studies, I can fully be with fashion.

Planning for a quick shoot with my dad tomorrow before a bunch of school obligations will be poured on to us. Stay tune and good night!

(@rhipesbackyard top, hm pants, forever21 sandals)

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