Basic Corpo

Sunday, July 19, 2015

@rhipesbackyard buttondown, forever 21 skirt, BU9 white platforms

This is how I combine basic with corporate style. The buttondowns I got from Rhipe's Backyard was beyond amazing. Its cloth and quality were so nice that I can't wait to share the other one haha! In that moment, I sticked with just two colors which were black and white. Plus the sunnies that made the look a little bit sophisticated. By the time I'm working, I will probably wear this combo but with heels to complete the overall classics in me.
And hey, this is my last post with that very long hair cause I just got my haircut and it's really REALLy short. Sharing it you guys soon or if you can't wait, check out my instagram, @caitlinnroxette.

Have a great week!

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