Monday, March 21, 2016

Two things to look forward on my blog writing return.
It's the start of the Holy week and here am I, finish with our preliminary examinations! Quality time with my blog was the first thing that pooped on my mind and here's the result: 
1. I wrote this new blog post (after all the MIA days of me)
 2. NEW LAYOUT and NEW TITLE for my blog! (special thanks to my friend Rein for helping me in choosing my new blog title) 
 Just to make things clear, lumiére is a French word which means "light" or "bright" and it fits me because that word speaks up my personality and style posts that I published here. 

Moving on, it's already spring or maybe for me it's summer because the heat is so intense! I always feel sweaty even though I'm not moving at all. Philippines is really a tropical country and I should change by now my wardrobe into thin and short pieces. By that, here's a set of my photos shot by non other than my father.

Comments on my new layout are highly welcomed and appreciated!

backroom top | hm shorts | birkenstock sandals | forever21 bag

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