Saturday, April 09, 2016

Found a new place to shoot with daddy.

Flooding you several shots my Dad and I had last easter sunday. Then I took a time editing the lighting and contrast. Seriously speaking, this is one of my favorite blogpost!

The world of black fashion completely invaded me right now, as seen with my background and outfit. But having too much is dangerous and redundancy so I contradict it with a white solid sneakers. The word layering is a no no for this season with the heat that is very unpredictable and maybe it will continuously rise. 

As always, this is a basic ensemble. A basic combo of top, skirt and sneaks - every girl's style whenever and wherever. Style that suits for lazy ladies who still wants to look fashionable even though moving comes to a point of requirement. But for me, laziness in fixing my face is a no no. I've been getting addicted into cosmetics and I always watch tutorials and make-up reviews. For a first try, it really looks awful and cracks with the eyeliner, foundation etc. haha! Practice helps - nonstop session of trying and practicing makes things almost perfect. For make-up gurus like me, may the odd be ever in our favor! 

(maldita top, f21 skirt, topshop sneakers)

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