April Wishlist

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi! I will share my wishlist for April even though its almost 2nd or 3rd week of April :) Most of the things on my wishlist are for summer outfits! I hope me and my family can have a vacation but no plans yet. I'm sure some are already enjoying their vacation! <3

 1. Swimsuit- High-waist swimsuit are just way sexy! Hahahah. It's not too revealing yet it will show your shape. I really want it! And also I don't have the confidence yet to wear two-piece! So I'm happy with this and doing my best to have abs for me to wear this! Harharhar :))
2. Sunnies- Since the sun is so intense, sunnies are there for you to protect your eyes and to stay fashionable. I'm looking for this gorgeous sunnies especially the super lucia! Good for me I know instagram shops that sell like this. The other two sunnies are from Charlie. 
3. Sandals- One word to say to this sandals, "DIVINE". It's so gorgeous! I can't stop looking at this! It can be worn on the beach, mall, church. EVERYWHERE! And I think it looks so comfortable to wear. The one in the photo is from Zara. I'm sure its a bit pricey so I'm searching online shops for an inspired-Zara sandals. I'm more into the price than the brand as long as it looks alike. :)
4. Skater skirts- These skirts are very trendy nowadays, and I have these in three already but I still want to add some more! Hihihi. I want a peach/coral and maroon skater skirt! Good thing my highschool friend has a shop that sells like these. It would have a discount! Yey! :)
5. Faux leather sneakers- This sneakers is from Forever21 and when I saw it, I'm soo inlove with it especially its studs, soo meee! <3 I hope my Dad would buy me this shoes. Hi Daddy! Hahahah!
6. Studded bucket bag- I've been looking for this for a very long time! I found some but its price is high and I don't want to buy it in a high price since I won't use it much so if anyone knows where to buy this in a affordable price, do message me please! Thanks :*
7. Flower crown- Another trend in the fashion world! Almost all have these since it can be D.I.Y.-ied. But I'm not much of a artistry person, sometimes, but I know I can do it so now, my goal is to work on it and if it fails, will just buy. 
8. Ombre shorts- Additional trend again hahah! Just like the flower crown, it can be D.I.Y.-ied. So what to do? Just work on it! Hahhaha. It's more good to be resourceful! <3

I hope I can have some on my wishlist! I wish too my mom and dad would visit my blog for them to see these! Hahah. :)) You, what's on your wishlist? Feel free to share it with me!
That's all for today! Happy Thursday everyone! <333

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