Not the side of me- FIRST IG GIVEAWAY (@caitlinnroxette)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My outfit for today is really not the side of me. And that's what my dad said. Maybe because I'm not the actual person who always wear pants in my blog outfits (except the fact that when I'm at school I wear pants always) and me being mature here. 

The reason why I came up with the style of wearing pants and being mature was because of this bag that Fashion Cravings gave to me. It's an inspired bag that doctors usually have but in fashion, it can match to any style but mostly to corporate. I don't have this kind of bag and for the first time I got to style it on my own! And this is what I got, pairing it with jeans and a denim blazer I really really love. I had already worn this blazer in edgy genre. One thing I learn about fashion is you can wear whatever way or season you want with your clothes like for example, you can wear a swimsuit as top, you can wear sunglasses even if your not going to the beach. See the point here? Fashion gives you confidence to stand on your own creativity.
Good news! I'm giving away this bag to one lucky winner on Instagram! This is my first ever giveaway and I want to thank Fashion Cravings for helping me with this. Okay, I'm inviting you to join my giveaway on IG and I will post the mechanics right away! It would be a lot for me if you join. 
My IG account is @caitlinnroxette and Fashion Cravings account is @fashioncravingsofficial
(@fashioncravingsofficial bag, Jellybean denim blazer, Bench OJ pants, Forever 21 heels) 
 Please support me by joining my giveaway!
Thanks a lot, xx

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