Baguio Photo Diary

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here it is! My photo diary during our Baguio trip! This post is full of photos that some can serve as postcards! All the views are breathtaking! I'm just speechless so expect here of my minimal words haha! Our family used to visit Baguio every year and I think this year, we will visit it for like three times. If you were to go here, I recommend you to stay at the hotels or villas at Camp John Hay. The place was jam-packed! You can satisfy your leisure in just a few hours of travelling from place to place. 
You will not regret to click Read more! But just a warning, lengthy post ahead. ;)

We stayed at The Manor hotel and my mom picked the room that has garden view. It was amazing!

The foggy Baguio in the afternoon.

Some of the items you can buy at or only in Baguio. We bought pasalubongs from La Trinidad because they have the cheapest price. :)

Aghhhhh! Strawberries!!! I love eating actual strawberries! How about you?

I regret myself for not buying a dream catcher! I thought I won't be needing it since I don't have my own room but I just notice that I can place it in my dorm. I promise to buy one when we get back.

We went also to the Bell Church. They said that if you pray and make a wish, it will come true.

We enjoyed our short trip especially me because I got a lot of time bonding with my family and for my outfit shots to look more colorful haha! Ending this post with several photos of me and my family. <3

Doing the #kryzuypose!

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