My 5 back to school essentials

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June is back to school! Well not for me and other universities because of shifting the classes based on the other ASEAN countries. But still, I opted to blog about tips on what to wear at school. Actually, I'm wearing uniform everyday but I want to help those who are having a hard time thinking of what to wear everyday and sometimes, we wear civilian clothes too for activities. Okay, you must have this five essential things in your closet in order to not have a hard time choosing!

1. Basic top/ T-shirts. This is the most important thing you must have because it's the most basic and you can match it with anything! I recommend you to have the common colors which is black and white. It will also make you comfortable and not showy especially most of the schools have their dress codes.

2. Pants. Second of the most important. What I love into wearing pants at school is I can move freely without worrying. I can run as fast as I can, sit everywhere and every way I can. It's way too different with skirts because sometimes your actions are limited because of wearing that and for me, my mantra for school's ootd is comfort and simplicity. You can still look fashionable even wearing pants. :)

3. Flats. Imagine yourself wearing heels at school and you have different rooms to enter? Will you survive? Maybe yes but I'm sure your feet will cry or you will get used to it. But if your wearing flats, even though you walk around the campus, you'll survive! This will also be appropriate with my mantra; again, comfort and simplicity. I can still prefer heels but make sure it's not too high and you can assure yourself that your feet won't hurt. Plus, wedge heels is okay not stilettos!

4. Bag. No student goes to school without bag! So no need for explanation. The bag I mostly use at school is the one in the picture. That's my favorite bag because I can store lots of things without feeling any hurt in my back and inlove with the design! <3
5. Cover-up/Jacket. This is optional but I think every girl should at least bring this everyday to be always ready. For example, when it suddenly rains, you can use the jacket to avoid cold and cover it to yourself if you don't have an umbrella. Then when your only wearing sleeveless and your enrolled in a school with dress code, this will be your hero. 
<candid shots my sister took haha!>

(Bayo top, Call it Spring bag, Preview PH flats)

That's all and your ready for school! I know it's hard to pick clothes everyday and honestly, some girls (even me for quite some time) don't want to wear the same clothes always. But for me, it's okay. It's just a matter of mix and match and I assure you, no one will notice that you already wore it instead they will think it's new! Be creative and don't spend too much money on clothes for school. Always remember to be practical and resourceful!

I will be back to school on July. See you soon my co-Thomasians! <333
Good luck on school! Make friends and always study hard! 

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