Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My outfit for today's blog post is inspired by one of the most influential Filipino fashion blogger, Camille Co. I saw one of her travel outfits that she combined different lines from her top, coat, and pants. I like the outcome of her look so I thought of why not trying it too and this is it! Good thing I have clothes printed with lines. So I used my zigzag top matched with my chessboard lined pants. I got my top and pants during the 7th installment of Blogger's United. The reason why I love attending that event is because I was able to see and chat with my idols plus I can score superb clothes without hurting my pocket too much! Then for my feet, sneakers that gives me an everlasting comfort for a day full of walking. 
 What do you think of my Camille Co inspired look?

A closer look on top and pants. I really love that we can combine different lines in one look! You must try it also! :)
(BU7 top and pants, Converse sneakers) 

 Less than two weeks are left in my long long vacation! Making the most out of it by reading books, singing at the voice app (haha frustrated singer!), DIY-ing, writing an article for sister secrets (yup I only shared it to everyone today. I'm one of their contributors so please check our site and be one of us at, going to places I've never been before, trying out new styles, and lastly, bonding with my family.

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