For a change!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Taking a break on my girly style and accepting a new style that I honestly starting to like more. I hope I pulled it out as well as other bloggers do! <3

My inspiration on this outfit was the hipster photos I saw in instagram and tumblr. I thought of trying it and this was the result! Did I succeed on mimicking? ;)
 I'm so inlove with my top from Stylestunner Manila that I may style it with a mid skirt! Actually, the top is more of a girly style but I paired it with denim short, cap, and sneakers for a change! My top and short looks loose on me which is true because I think it's the effect of my daily workout and proper diet. I eat veggies at night and detoxing. So for those who wants to loose weight and be healthy, try my ways!
Ps: Rainy season is here but expect some of my upcoming outfits of being like this style and yes, I'm a latebloomer! lol

(@stylestunnermanila top, Forever 21 sweater, Converse sneakers)

I miss shooting with my dad so we had a tons of photos haha! And I'm so proud that I conquer my fear on taking photos with people looking at me. Yay! 
Hoping your having a good time on my blog! Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome!

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. You have a nice fashion sense! <3

    x Jam of