I'm not Perfect

Sunday, July 05, 2015

forever 21 skirt, booties, hat

Gone are the days when I can shoot outside whenever I want because rainy season is already here. But I don't want to let the rain ruin everything so I took the advantage of our white-walls and have the shoot indoor, plus the fact that my forever photographer cannot be on duty so its only me and my tripod to do the job. The struggle of not having a remote is real. To ran and thought of my post for only 10 seconds made the whole thing bleary. But nonetheless, it was amusing to accomplish it all by myself. And maybe, this situation would likewise happen again.

PS: For "my readers", thank you for making time to read my posts. I don't know if you’re happy with my posts or your annoyed with it. But whatever it is, I respect and appreciate it because my site is open for all, open for all judgments whether positive or negative but please, I'm also a person who has feelings. Yes, I'm not perfect but no one's perfect except for God so don't judge me in a way that you know everything and to just judge me in a very unprofessional way. My parents shaped me to be a strong person and to not be overly affected with other people's thoughts.
 Now, I'm more inspired on blogging because there still people who appreciate and love me. They are the ones worth of my hard works in continuing my passion. Thank you once again.  

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