Almost There

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Few days left.

Five days left til our Bacc Mass and twenty-six days left til our Graduation!!! Time flies really fast! I thought I'll always be a student. I thought of just studying and make friends but here am I - going to a new place and a new chapter of my life which concerns a more mature being. Fear, what ifs, and opportunities awaits me. Fear of facing new people and environment that I may not used to be. What ifs of experiences I may encounter in this new journey. And opportunities that will make me grow as a professional and as a blogger. This will be my second post about my thoughts of me finishing college. My last post will be much deeper, much meaningful and much much emotional haha!

So to make the atmosphere a little bit calm (because I will cry if I'll share more about my upcoming graduation), here's another set of photos me and my Dad took. I must say that my Dad is really good at taking pictures. He didn't even took a seminar for photography. I'm just lucky to have my Dad with me, supporting all the way with no hesitation. Also, I'm officially a off-shoulder addict! I love love love off shoulders because it makes me look more slim and dainty at the same time. It speaks more of being a woman than just a typical girl and it's not too revealing that you'll get conscious every time you wear it - and the way the industry produce different styles of off shoulder makes me more of an avid fan and an addict.

PS: please add me on snapchat, caitlinnroxette and I would love to share my snaps with you! <3

(stylestunnnermanila top, forever 21 skirt, topshop sneakers)

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