JAPAN: My TOKYO Photo Diary

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Break-even statement: This is a lengthy post but worth your time.

Our college's finance department, JFINEX had a one-week exposure trip in Japan. And guess what, I was able to be one of the participants to join! Thanks to my parents for giving me the chance to experience this trip, I love you daddy and mommy! No words can express how surreal the trip was! But due to my eagerness to share my first ever trip this year, I will try my best to tell my Japan travel.

Day One - We headed to Narita Airport via Jetstar and when we arrived in Japan, the weather was irresistible! A temperature of 16 degrees was very unusual because Philippines doesn't have that kind of climate and also it's not like an aircon that produces such strong winds, which makes it way cooler! My jacket didn't help me to overcome the cold - in the moment we arrived in our hotel, I immediately changed my clothes into thicker ones. According to the itinerary, day one is a free day. Together with my friends and one of our profs, we planned to go to Shibuya - Tokyo's busiest place. One of the things you can't avoid when travelling is to get lost. ALWAYS. I don't remember anymore how many times we experience that but I didn't regret getting lost. In fact, I enjoyed it because it made us more independent and more of a travel learner. But honestly, there were times I was annoyed because I thought about how it wastes time rather than maximizing it for the better. Hello Shibuya - even though it's late, the place was still busy, the place was still filled with people. We crossed the Shibuya crossing - one of the main highlights of our trip! When travelling, you will always try their food! Ichiran Ramen - our dinner and it was worth it, the taste was remarkable. If you're going to Japan, don't leave without trying Ichiran. Walk walk, never ending walk just to explore the city and by past 12 midnight, we got back to our hotel.

Day Two - Second day was our start to visit educational institutions since our trip was a co-curricular activity. We visited Philippine Embassy and Bank of Japan. We didn't had a problem with the transportation because the travel agency already provided us a service. We also visited Tokyo Tower and unfortunately, I wasn't able to have a picture with it together with my bully friend and I wasn't also able to see the view at the top. I'm claiming it, I will go back there to have my own picture and to see the majestic view! After visiting the educational institutions, it's our free time and we planned to go Shinjuku! It's like Shibuya but Shinjuku was less busier. Our dinner was Katsudon - a pork with rice and a bunch of egg! I must say, it's very delicious and heavy to eat. We were so full after that dinner and we just walk and walk around the city. Some of my travel buddies were able to shop for shoes - which are so cheap than in the Philippines. But for me, I didn't bought anything since I have a budget for shopping for shoes but I didn't resist the Muji pens!!! It was so cute and very cheap, 32 php each only!!!

Day Three - This day was loaded! Four institutions namely Tokyo Stock Exchange, Keio University, Nihon University, and Meiji University - talking professional here, Tokyo's stock exchange is different to the PSE (Philippine stock exchange). The gain color for Japan is red unlike in the Philippines, it's green. And there loss color is vice versa. The reason behind it was for Japanese, red is their lucky color. We spent half of the day to Tokyo Stock Exchange. And the rest of the afternoon was for the universities. If I will choose one university from the three, I'd choose Nihon. It's the best because the Japanese students there were all so friendly and we toured around the university - the ambiance was so bright that I wish I can study there haha! The people was so cute especially the student guy speaker *twit* *twit* hahaha! We got to our hotel late night so we just planned to go to the nearest outlet mall then I didn't expect I did a real shopping there! I bought four casio watches. Honestly speaking, the watches were very cheap. Nothing costed a thousand! Then we already packed again our things because the next day will be our trip to Osaka!

Apologies for having this post very long, I just really want to share my trip - first international trip this year and crossing my fingers for more! Stay tune for my next travel diary sharing my experience in Osaka!


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  1. What photo editor did you use? I love your blog! I'm waiting for your next post! XOXO