Monday, June 06, 2016

I'm currently obbsessing myself with musics and every story behind it.

Whoever made Spotify, I owe my music life to you (and this is not a sponsored post or some sort of advertising haha)! I'm a kind of person who doesn't much listen to songs. I'm always fond of the tune and never thought of the meaning that it says. Fast forward, as I made music as part of my lifestyle, I got to discern and gave relevance on its nuance. Every verse, every word, there's a story. Whether there's variety of genres, many will serve as your life story. Honestly, we need these classic, new carols in order to understand ourselves. Second, we need it as someone who can comfort and rejoice with us. As what I think, it's like a person turned into air - that will forever exist in different themes.

And as I go deep with my fanatic melody, almost four days left until my/finance students big day! Who would ever thought that I'm almost in the ending and beginning of the past and future episode of my life? Who would ever thought of me in this very moment and the blessings I received? - can someone give me some aid? Because I'm still in the spot of disbelieve.

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