JAPAN: My OSAKA Photo Diary

Thursday, July 07, 2016

A very overdue post! But who cares? Haha! Hope you'll enjoy reading this because I shared my experience with 10 words that sums up my Osaka travel wayback April.

We got to Osaka via bullet train! Another check on my bucketlist! Actually, when your inside the train, you won't feel that the speed is already 270!!! Just woah. So it only took 2 hrs to arrive at Osaka from Tokyo. And when we arrived at Osaka, we ate buffet lunch! The reason why I'm struggling with my body is my Japan trip. It made me a pig haha!
My travel wouldn't be happier without my squad!!! Through long walks, and continuous losses, we're still together and we still enjoyed because bonding time is what matters. I missed them so much! Too bad, we're incomplete that time because some didn't join. But, I hope in the future we could all travel! Speaking of that, we already did and I'm going to share it here very soon!
When you travel, you tend to discover new places. One of the place we visited was Kyoto, where temples are everywhere. It shows the culture and history of Japan. There were bells that we could shake so that the Gods will hear our wishes. There's also a place wherein it's like lovelocks, but I don't much know how that works. I just thought it's like in Paris because there were names written. Yes, sometimes I like to relate things that I'm not sure if it's really related haha!
Learn!! I did learned so many things during our trip. Stock market, derivatives, how to invest, and much more were shared to my mind. And that's the main goal in our exposure trip, to know the financial market of Japan (plus the fact that we will also enjoy the trip).

As I say, we learned and we experienced the different wonders of Osaka! We visited Osaka Castle and indeed, it's a very historical place. I was able to know how the Japanese empire was born and how did it affect the culture and lifestyle of Japan. Also when you got at the top of the castle, a 360 view will welcome you. One of the most unforgettable experience was I got to wear a japanese kimono! Do I look like a Japanese wannabe? Haha! It very cheap so if you're going there, be sure to have your photo wearing a kimono :)

Most of the night, we just walk in the city and wander in the streets that I must say, very photo worthy! The shops were so nice and for a fashion-photography lover like me, I'm totally inlove with the place!!!!!! Mr. Glico man, the virtual runner, at last we've met. I've been looking for you since I got to Japan and luckily, I saw you which means another check on my bucketlist! The famous cheesecake in the world, Pablo! Did it already open it's shop here in the Philippines? We tried it since that time it's not yet available here and everyone has been so excited with it so mind if we take a shot on it ourselves. I'm not used to eat cheesecakes so for me, I didn't like it. I was expecting that it will be so delicious but sad to say, it isn't. But we all have different tastes so you should still try if for yourself. 
And this is what we've all been waiting for... Our Universal Studios day! It was the best day ever! I felt I was a kid again but a more adventurous kid. Why? (yes, I'm asking myself haha) It's because the rides were so damn cool!!! I wasn't able to ride the deadly-heart attacking rides like Backdrop and Flying Dino. I bet you know that rides and you should try it if you're not like me who is a certified nervous breakdown girl. But I recommend you to ride the spiderman! It's the best and I assure you, no heart attack will happen. Below is our photo, which shows how happy we were!! Oh if i may just add, Jaws is also a very cool-a bit scary yet worth it ride! You'll be in a boat where sharks will try to eat you!!! Exciting right? 
The main attraction in USJ was the Harry Potter world. I nearly cried when we entered Hogwarts because it was like a dream. I never thought that I will be there walking around, appreciating the structures and the little cuties waving their wands! I'm not a fanatic of Harry Potter so I don't know or understand the things there but I still enjoyed it! As long as you know Harry Potter, you're good to go! Or much better, you'll watch the movie in order to relate and to have more Expecto Patronum feels!
Ohhhh I just love MINIONS. Since Despicable Me 1, I'm already fond of them. Those tiny cutie yellow creatures wearing jumper were so adorable! I really loved their performance in USJ. They helped a fireman to stop a fire but eventually, they were like stubborn firemen not knowing what should they do haha! It was so funny for me and my childish self came out. 
And the rest were memories. Even now, I still miss Japan. It's definitely one of the countries that worth returning for. The places, the people, the culture, the environment. All are worth it. I wish I could go back soon. And lastly, I hope you liked my post. Please leave a comment, you're feedback is much appreciated.


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