Beach Bum

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hello to my first ever Boracay travel.

My inner creative side came out and thought about doing some edits in my photos with quotes I grabbed from Pinterest. What do you think? Is my fondness to creative edits improving? Feedbacks are always welcome!

And so I wouldn't dare not to share my first summer trip in Boracay; but for now, I'll just post a set of bum photos then the travel diary will follow. This post was the most shown skin post I've ever had. And it makes me feel a bit awkward since I don't get used with this. But why not try on new things? I'm not a bikini kind of girl because my body is not for #bodygoals. My tummy is so big because of foods!!! Oh I really love to eat, if only I can eat without getting fat haha! But given a chance that me and my squad got to Boracay, it's time to show off. And so I did. One-piece bikini suits for the girls like me that doesn't want to show soo much, too much skin yet the looks still seems sexy. I got this piece in one of the shops at Trendsetter bazaar but sadly, I forgot the brand name. Their swimmies were so nice! The fabric is very soft and it can go with your body shape. 
I'm just glad that I got to came out of my comfort zone - to travel with my squad and to try on new fashion things. As I grow and encounter new environment, I used to adapt and face it with positiveness. To more new adventures, cheers!

Hope you'll liked today's post, even though it doesn't much relate with the Ph's current weather haha! And I'm going to post soon my travel diary in Boracay to share our activities - it was so fun and for adventurous people out there, you must read it! Stay tune! 


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