Friday, August 05, 2016

I'm currently in the stage of "finding".

Finding a job. Since I already finish college, it's time for some adulting (yep). More than a month passed and I'm still looking for the right job. Honestly, it's very hard since the corporate world is being so competitive because of the ASEAN thing. And I'm praying and hoping I could get a work that will help me grow and just simple, be happy and satisfied. And so my blogger time has always been affected by not continuously posting. Bear with me as I face a new chapter of my life that I need to adjust into. 
Anyways, I think this outfit will still be compatible in today's season because even though it rains at night, the heat in the morning is unbearable! Off shoulders are still a thing in fashion and for a person like me, it will be forever in my wardrobe then pairing it with a choker. I must say, chokers are the new accessory that most girls use. It gives your outfit an aura even if your whole look is simple. And so, chokers are time savers for a day of lazy dressing - variety of designs have been released and I can't wait to collect all of those. 


(Forever 21 off shoulder top, Vaintageph shorts, Aldo shades, Mia Casa choker)

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